Our Story

Empowering, democratizing technologies for sustainable fitness.

Fathom enables anyone who moves to perform at their best, unhindered by soreness, pain, or injury.

Founders Gabrielle Levac and Ivonna Dumanyan met while recovering from injury and surgery as NCAA, Division I athletes at Duke. Having worked in a biomechanics and injury research laboratory, they knew that over 60% of athletic injuries were preventable. So they began working together to hack their own training and recovery.

Gabby (the data scientist) and Ivonna (the engineer) had a vision for how AI and wearable technology could bring a level of precision, personalization, and accessibility to athletics that would make preventable injury a thing of the past. Together, they’ve built a remarkable team of engineers and designers–all of whom are former athletes, coaches, trainers, and physical therapists–dedicated to keeping athletes on their feet for a lifetime.

Fathom is an AI- system built from one of the world’s largest biomechanics databases and designed to adapt recovery, prevention, and care exercises to your unique body.

Every foam rolling, stretching, and strengthening exercises is precision designed for your body, your history, and your goals using leading clinical wisdom. Being your best is about forming good habits that start with small steps and progress at a pace you can sustain. That’s why Fathom plans meet you where you are and scale to the needs of your body, while adapting to the constraints of your schedule to produce optimal results.

We’re funded by Freestyle Capital, Spero Ventures, Social Capital, Revolution, Precursor Ventures. We’ve been recognized for our design, innovation, impact, and accessibility by Forbes 30-Under-30 in Healthcare, Google For Entrepreneurs, The Thiel Fellowship, Inc Magazine, Bustle Magazine, and others.